The Shop

La Fille En Vert shop brings out the character of its customers. Located a stone’s throw from La Madeleine in the heart of Paris, every season La Fille En Vert offers new collections by young, budding and established designers that are 100% made in France.

Tops, blouses, shirts, dresses, skirts, trousers, all-in-ones, embroidery, cardigans, pullovers, capes and coats are part of the collection…as well as shoes and accessories, jewellery and bags that are also produced in precious and comfortable materials.

Designers from big fashion houses work with materials that are 100% French, Italian and Japanese…(silk, cashmere from Nepal, Peruvian alpaca, Egyptian cotton, puma, organic cotton, Calais lace and stitching...). Produced mainly on a small-scale in Parisian workshops and the rest always adhering to La Fille En Vert oriented ethics.

At La Fille En Vert haute couture materials come in timeless prêt à porter with due respect for the materials and the environment at fair prices.

A Fashionista

Martial is French and originates from Italy. He has always been passionate about fashion: punctual and disciplined, customer-focused, he is attentive both to the quality of the workmanship of the stitching, the fabrics and the patterns used, whilst remaining open to ecological and avant-garde materials. Entirely focused and committed, he chooses the fabric for some of the models himself and is involved in their design. Martial selects pieces in casual, urban chic and evening styles.
La Fille En Vert’s DNA: chic, natural and unique.

"As a fashionista attuned to trends it was my dream to open my own shop in the heart of Paris. My involvement in spotting young designers motivates me, identifying new talent while at the same time democratising fashion without ever trivialising it and with the well-being of people in mind!"

La Fille En Vert also offers its customers originals: ‘semi-bespoke’ and ‘bespoke’ for a unique and individual everyday outfit, for a party, a cocktail, or a family ceremony...